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Amir Norris

Fatigue Therapist

Since 2001, Amir Norris has helped over 800 adults and children with fatigue disorders, ranging from those affected by M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue.

Amir is a ME/CFS survivor who developed an unorthodox approach to addressing chronic fatigue syndrome. 

He struggled with ME/CFS for over 10 years and tried a mixed bag of approaches. Some were transformative. Most were not. 

During his recovery, he spent a decade unpacking the cause of his exhaustion and the mechanics of his recovery. 

What had triggered the illness? Why was it so hard to find answers? Why did most conventional approaches not work well? Were there approaches that both worked better and felt better? It took time, but he began to find solutions that worked.

By 2001, he had become one of few therapists focusing specifically on chronic fatigue.  He co-created a retreat centre and therapy practice in Wales…

Retreat Center

He also founded the Fatigue Answers website, where he could share the understanding he had come to: you could get well from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You didn’t have to suffer in silence (for fear of judgment) or pretend you are coping (pushing yourself to further exhaustion). 

Since 2005, he has been running me/cfs courses all around the UK…

Amir Norris Teaching

sharing refreshing and unorthodox approaches, that help people recover (without constantly relapsing). 

In 2008, Amir started an outreach project using Skype type video calls to help people in other countries…

Online Video Meeting

This project has  grown into a worldwide online recovery course.

Over the years Amir has studied various approaches and has trained in a number of modalities, but most of what he’s learned came from working with over 800 clients, one on one and running group trainings, seeing what worked and what didn’t. It’s all distilled in his online Energy Excellence Course

Energy Excellence Course

Amir has been a keynote conference speaker on ME/CFS in Wales’ Capital and has published numerous articles and reports on chronic fatigue syndrome, including co-authoring the online Energy Excellence Course.

Amir was interviewed in a Norwegian documentary film on ME/CFS, after the film makers’ daughter recovered by attending one of his courses. His clients, which include celebrities, have also been interviewed on BBC radio 2, as well as featuring in local and national newspapers.

Aliya Burch

Physical Therapist

For the past 10 years Aliya Burch has been a Partner and Physical Therapist at FatigueAnswers.com.

She is a senior Coach on the Energy Excellence Course and has been helping people with fatigue disorders for over a decade.

Over the past 25 years Aliya has taught several hundred people body awareness, movement and relaxation techniques through regular classes and weekend workshops at various locations in the UK.

Check out Aliya's popular Guided Peaceful Sleep MP3 for ME/CFS

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