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Energy Excellence Course

“Personally, I am so glad I was able to go and experience the course – it has given me my life back...”

I first read an article in the Daily Mail earlier this year about someone Amir Norris had treated and was so encouraged to hear about a possible cure for this debilitating condition.

I will not even attempt to describe the course; you will get a much clearer picture by looking at the web site and by speaking to Amir in person. He is very approachable and empathetic, especially having suffered from M.E. himself.

The benefits start immediately and after the second day of the course I was able to go to the pub in the evening, which was my first evening out for months. I felt I had been given the tools to enable and support me in returning to a normal life.

After a few days the symptoms began to disappear, I was able to go out for an evening meal with my daughter, go to Totnes on the bus, drive to Dartmouth and start to make plans to meet friends for lunch and to go to places that I hadn’t been able to go to for a long time.

Prior to attending the Amir's course, I had been ill for 18 months and was managing life by careful pacing and gradually increasing activities. Housework and cooking were manageable together with short outings for shopping or meeting friends for coffee. It was so wonderful to start expanding my horizons again so quickly after doing the course.

As my stamina increases, my quality of life is getting better all the time. I am working in a local charity shop, I have started swimming again, am able to make plans with confidence. I had a fabulous day on Dartmoor, have visited friends in Torquay and have booked two short break holidays. The long list of overdue tasks around the house is finally reducing!!

Family and friends are amazed and delighted with my on-going progress. Personally, I am so glad I was able to go and experience the course – it has given me my life back.

Good luck and best wishes,

Lindsay from Devon


United Kingdom

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“It is brilliant to have the energy...”

I am getting physically fitter and I feel my body infused with the pleasurable satisfaction of accomplishing physically demanding tasks. It is brilliant to have the energy and enjoyment of moving from one activity to the next.


United Kingdom


“The course has completely revolutionised my life...”

The Energy Excellence Course has made me see life in a completely new light…the course has completely revolutionised my life in a way that I could never have imagined.


United Kingdom


“I’m happy and can do what I want now...”

You know when you are feeling better, because you can feel an improvement. I enjoyed the course, it was so helpful, I’m happy and can do what I want now, go to school and see my friends.



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