ME Recovery Stories - Paula

Hi, my name is Paula, I am 52, I have a lovely husband and 2 wonderful sons. I am a committed Christian and I have a very happy fulfilled life. At least I did until three and a half years ago.

At the time I was a busy full-time teacher with hobbies and an active social life then one day after a heavy cold it hit me – the dreaded M.E. At the time I didn’t know what it was, I just felt really ill and couldn’t recover. I had months off work and did very little. After 6 months I was diagnosed with M.E. In some ways this helped, at least it had a name.

Life was pretty miserable, I felt guilty for not being at work and I struggled to do anything at home. Slowly I adjusted a bit to what seemed to be my new life and as advised tried to pace myself. I got very frustrated at times because I thought I should be able to get myself over it, but I just couldn’t. As soon as I thought I was winning it would come back and knock me down again.

I made several attempts to get back to work. My school were wonderful and very supportive but even with that I wasn’t able to sustain a return to work. After 3 years I finally made the decision that it wasn’t going to happen. I was never going to be well enough to return to work. So reluctantly I resigned. This was very upsetting, as I loved my job.

During my illness I had regular acupuncture and massage. I visited a nutrition list and attended a group course at a local hospital, all this helped me to manage my life but it was no cure.

Six months ago I heard about the work Amir does through a friend whose daughter had been to see him with great success. I decided I did not want to accept my new half-life as it now was. I wanted a full life back. So that was it I attended the course at the beginning of April and haven’t looked back since. I am now enjoying a social life again, swimming regularly, gardening, attending yoga classes, going to the gym and last weekend we did a 4 mile walk. It’s amazing!! I have my life back!!

Surprisingly I have decided not to return to teaching and a couple of weeks ago I started training to be a reflexologist. It’s incredible how my life has changed. I would never have considered leaving teaching before my illness, but now I am so enjoying learning something new and doing something totally different.

I consider I was lucky during my illness; I was surrounded by caring, supportive people; my husband, family and friends were wonderful. But despite this it was an awful time and my heart goes out to anyone who is suffering from this dreadful illness.

However, there is hope. I was ill for over 3 years. It takes effort and commitment but it’s not difficult. It worked for me and during the three days with Amir I not only got well but also learned things that will be valuable throughout my life. I am so thankful and I urge anyone who has M.E. to claim their life back contact Amir.


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