ME Recovery Stories - Rachel

ME Recovery Stories - Rachel

Hi Amir 

I just wanted to email you to let you know that it has now been 5 years since I did the course with you.

I have now been well for longer than I was ill! I am actually the fittest, healthiest and strongest that I have ever been in my life and there is no trace of M.E. or fatigue in my life. I have been working full-time, I have a full social life and enjoy hiking, we recently climbed Snowdon which was incredible.  
However, my greatest sign of health is running. I had a bit of a mental block when it came to running, as it is so tiring and energetic, a part of me was fearful to run.   Despite this I started running a year ago and today I completed my first ever 10K race in 1 hour 3 minutes. I feel tearful even writing this. 
I used to watch the London marathon and think that was something I would never be capable of doing, but now I know that I can.  I think running was my final frontier and overcoming my fear of it just shows me that I am free of M.E. forever and I can achieve anything I want to in life.
To think when I was ill I could barely walk around my house and to cook dinner for my family, I had a high stool which I kept in the kitchen as I simply could not stand up long enough to make a meal. I think of myself then and imagine how happy I would have been if I could look forward into the future and see myself now. I don’t think I would have believed it was me!!
I wanted to tell any-one considering doing your course that it simply is life changing and that it definitely works long term. I am proof of this.
Thanks so much again Amir for giving me my life back.
All the best,

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