ME Recovery Stories - Rachel

ME Recovery Stories - Rachel

Hi Amir, here’s a sample of things I’ve been doing:

Drove all the way back from Llansteffan (did with overnight stop on way!), got home, changed bedroom round and had big bonfire with all M.E. books and “memorabilia” – all family took it in turns to throw stuff on!

Went on trampoline (haven’t been on since we bought it 4 years ago!). Took dog for walk – ran down all the hills and up some steps to do Rocky celebration at top!

Did tai chi videos to relax, went swimming, did some decorating, went on 8 mile walk at peak district (yes did get a bit carried away!)

Drove to new shopping centre in Derby, attended 2 meetings a day at spring harvest! plus more swimming, ten pin bowling, darts, table tennis, snooker and walks!! yey!!

I’ve used what you taught me more than I expected to and still use it fairly frequently through the day. My feet got sore, but my husband tells me that’s normal!

Thanks so much for all you’ve taught me. Feeling well is such a beautiful feeling and something I never expected to feel again! it’s amazing! I feel like the most blessed woman in the world! I’m so happy and excited about the future! my whole life is changed for the better!

Thanks again Amir,

– Rachel


8 Month Update

Hi Amir

Just wanted to email you again and say how amazingly well I am and how great my life now is!

I did the course 8 months ago now and returned to work 7 months ago and guess what? in 7 months I haven’t had a single day off sick! seems like another miracle to me!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!


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