CFS Recovery Stories - Simon

CFS Recovery Stories - Simon

7 Months after the Energy Excellence Course:

Hi Amir,

The Energy Excellence Course really changed my life and gave me the tools to tame my brain at a time when it was totally out of control and ruining my life. As you well know, there is nothing more frightening than losing control of your own mind.

Anyhow, I have made huge strides since September and I would say that I am now far better than I have been for years. There is no question of any discussion or thought of relapse because I now control my life and not vice versa.

I have been appointed MD of our office in Dubai and so we move as a family this September. We are all excited about a change and the challenge as it just feels the right thing to do right now. My wife and I grew up there, so we know it well.

I have a very different perspective on life now having come through such a dark tunnel and into the light again. I am so much more focused now on what matters. That does not mean that I don’t have the propensity to go too fast – I will always have that but now I know to keep a check on it and to take time out and keep much more balance in my life.

In any event, once you have learned how to reprogram your brain on the Energy Excellence course and you regain some control, you quickly realise that the quality of your thinking is fundamental to a happy life. I have learnt to literally ‘run towards my fears’ rather than run away from them as before and the results have been truly liberating.

Since the course and reading the excellent ‘Stop Thinking: Start Living’, I have read many more ‘self discovery’ books and now see so clearly the importance of implementing everything you taught me.

I have come across so many people who are in a state of nervous exhaustion like I was. It really is an epidemic out there.

For those reading this who are in a dark place right now, put your faith in Amir and in yourself and you will find the light sooner than you think.

Best wishes and thanks for everything and please don’t hesitate to call on me for support if I can help.


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