Chronic Fatigue Recovery Story - Katie


I just wanted to email as I am aware that it is a year this week since I finished the Energy Excellence Course, which has literally changed my life!

I still cannot quite believe that was just a year ago as I have done so much since.

In the past year I have had so many amazing experiences and would never have believed that I could have come so far.

I went on a fantastic school trip to the war trenches in Belgium. Have been to Gran Canaria on holiday, been to a theme park and so much else. I am also so proud to be able to say that my school attendance this year is 100%!

I have achieved so many of my dreams and goals and am continuing to do so. In just a few weeks time I am taking part in an Athletics tournament, something I always wanted to be able to do again and can’t wait! I am also going to Harry Potter world with school and Gran Canaria again for a family holiday.

Not only am I able to do anything I put my mind to now, but I also am the happiest I have ever been.

I don’t very often stop and think about just how far I have come, (as I am just so busy!), but I truly can’t believe it and it is all due to the Energy Excellence Course. I am so grateful and will never forget how much it changed my life.

Best wishes and huge thanks,


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