Case Studies Recovery Stories

 Part 7: Case Studies/Recovery Stories

I hope you've enjoyed and benefitted from the mini course, the videos you've seen so far are just a small part of the complete Energy Excellence Online Course. 

Have you checked out the case studies on the website yet? There are over 50 case studies/recovery stories (probably the largest amount on the internet!)

Chronic Fatigue - Becky

The course is one of the best things I have ever done in my life... explained why I had been feeling so rubbish and ill ... an explanation I had been unable to find, and being medically trained I needed those answers! My life has changed so dramatically from just trying to get through everyday ... and worrying about everything to now being full of life, and to do all those wonderful fun things I could only dream about doing a year ago, it’s a great feeling to have!

Becky  //  NHS Nurse