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“Many thanks for all your help and advice, I feel so alive!!...”

Dear Amir

Here are my progress reports after taking the Energy Excellence Course.

2 Weeks after the Energy Excellence Course:
The changes in myself are so remarkable! Colours are so much more vibrant, food tastes much nicer, my energy is increasing by the day, I'm happier, singing and dancing, more calm and relaxed, enjoy life more, laughing, more focused and enthusiastic, clearer thinking, more positive, sleep better, eating anything I want, recalling things better, having ideas, staying awake all day some days. I could go on and on! Many thanks for all your help and advice, I feel so alive!!

I am doing very well and am amazed at how different I feel, my confidence and self esteem is back!

Again! many thanks to you for kindness and help, and for giving me my life back!


Update 6 Weeks after the Energy Excellence Course:
I have been very busy with Xmas plans and have found that I could tolerate the hustle and bustle, I have not needed to rest. I have enjoyed this Xmas and have not got stressed with all the preparations.

I feel so much better already and don't plan rests anymore, I just get up and get on with life. I do have tea breaks though but not so often. I have noticed that if a worrying thought comes to mind, I get far less symptoms, my pulse doesn't race and my breathing doesn't change and I don't boil as much as I used to.

I am exercising more, walking and I am learning to ride a bike (I didn't have one as a child), doing a bit of belly dancing and dancing in general at home. I go into town more and now meet up with a friend regularly, and keep in touch with other friends.

I am doing card making as a hobby now, and do some relaxation, yoga and meditation, but only a little each week as I am fitting in quite a lot these days, although I had a couple of weeks just chilling over xmas and new year, which was wonderful as I have had problems just relaxing in the past!

I can eat anything now without ill effects. I have seen my doctor about coming off calcium tabs, she said yes!!
So that's great, I am tablet free now!!

My house will go on the market soon, then move to Wales permanently and will then start to look for work. I have not worked for 9 years now, I shall need career advise as I haven't a clue what I want to do!! But I will do that probably late summer. So I shall just enjoy and build on what I have achieved over the last 6 weeks or so.

I am much calmer and clearer thinking and get less worked up in situations, so I must be doing something right! I look forward to every day now. Lots going on this year and next, with moving house, getting a job and getting married next year.

My apologies for the length of my email but I wanted to share all the good things that I am so excited about now!

Have a wonderful and happy year.

Love and best wishes,

Ann xx


Update 6 Months after the Energy Excellence Course:

Right then! Update!
I think I told you that in January and February I completed a 6 week workout. Since this I have been very busy!

I put my house on the market at the end of February and sold it within a week! So I had all the packing to do and various arrangements to take care of, which I did very comfortably. I thought ok.... this will now be the true test of how well I am!

I coped extremely well, and dealt with things day by day. I didn't have panic attacks, and continuously packed day after day for about a week and a half! I took everything in my stride and on the 9th of April the completion on my house took place! I felt a little emotional but very strong and able to confidently move forward.

Just over a week ago, I went to the Job Centre for the first time in nearly nine years! I have been given great support from them and applied for 2 jobs yesterday. I shall wait to see what happens next?!

I have loads of energy now and spent 2 whole days in the garden last week without ill effect. The day after I went out for the day and still returned with energy! Things are really looking positive thanks to you!

By the way! - on my CV it has a section of achievements, I thought you would like to know I have put in that the Energy Excellence Course was one of mine!

Will keep in touch.

Many thanks,



United Kingdom

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