ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Anna

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Anna

2 weeks after the Energy Excellence Course:

Hi Amir

Firstly, thank you for such a fantastic course and for just making sense of the illness and giving us a positive way forward.

I no longer feel hopeless, despondent and frustrated, but entirely focused on a full recovery. My days are much happier and I feel that I have my life back on track again. Below are just some of the changes that have occurred.

– improved sleep – although still restless at times, I go off to sleep really quickly and am very rarely awake for prolonged periods during the night.

– the achiness and heaviness throughout my body has almost lifted – apart from some aching in the morning and evening time.

– social interactions are much easier and I am enjoying going to visit friends and having friends here – it no longer wears me out in the way it did before and I look forward to seeing people.

– walking is much easier and I can easily walk without even thinking about it being an issue – it certainly feels normal again and I can walk fairly quickly.

– I am no longer ‘thinking’ like an ill person and feel that I have ‘lifted’ emotionally which is great.

– energy levels are much better and going out is starting to feel normal, rather than a bit of an ordeal.

From my perspective, I seem to be on track. I am enjoying using the process and can really see the positive benefits.

Friends and family have commented on the difference they have seen in me, which is really encouraging.

Kind regards,


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