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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Becky's Recovery Story...


“My life has changed so dramatically...”

6 months after the Energy Excellence Course:

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after suffering from symptoms of indescribable fatigue, pain, weakness, memory loss, unable to concentrate to name a few symptoms.

It meant I had no choice but to give up work as a Children‘s Intensive Care Nurse and move back home to live with my parents, it was by no means an easy decision but the illness took that decision out of my hands eventually.

I struggled on with the support of friends, family and the GP. I got help from other health professionals such as the dietician and allergy clinics and advice from the GP and physiotherapy about energy management which helped a little and I did begin to improve, but as soon as anything happened which affected me emotionally or needed me to exert physically I would easily relapse and be back to square one.

I was at this point so desperate for an answer. I had heard about various private clinics that claimed they could help but nothing felt quite right. Then I was trying to Google an NHS CFS Clinic but I couldn’t remember the name of it and up popped fatigue I was drawn to the opening line on the home page and knew instantly this was it, this was what I needed and this was an answer to my prayers. But of course I did have doubts about it, would it work and would it be a waste of money?

I spoke to various people about it. To cut a long story short, I met a lady who had been suffering from fibromyalgia and had accessed training in Suffolk and it turned out her trainer had been trained by Amir and had combated her CFS, at that point I knew this was for real and I had to go for it.

The course is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It explained why I had been feeling so rubbish and ill which instantly made me feel better knowing that there is a medical/scientific reason as to why this had happened to my body, an explanation I had been unable to find, and being medically trained I needed those answers!

Amir and Aliya demonstrate and explain the skills and processes to use and are very honest in their delivery. The most important thing for me at that time was that I lacked self confidence, was very tired and dreaded being put on the spot; this never happened which made the course so much more enjoyable.

By day 3 of following the Energy Excellence Course, I felt lighter, energetic, happier and so excited about the future, there was a way out! It was great having something to interrupt the horrid feelings and symptoms of CFS, something I thought I was going to be stuck with for the rest of my life.

I will be honest, I still have days that I feel a symptom trying to sneak back in but I know now how to stop it and how to look after myself to prevent relapses. Things have been going so well that I started looking for a job and was lucky enough to get a great job, working as a community nurse with the health visiting team. I still can’t believe that I am back at work and have the energy to do it plus sometimes go out after work, its absolutely amazing!

My life has changed so dramatically from just trying to get through everyday and worrying about everything to now being full of life, being able to honestly enjoy the people around me and to do all those wonderful fun things I could only dream about doing a year ago, it’s a great feeling to have!

A big thank you to Amir and Aliya for helping me get back to me again, however a much better tweaked form!



NHS Intensive Care Nurse

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“It is brilliant to have the energy...”

I am getting physically fitter and I feel my body infused with the pleasurable satisfaction of accomplishing physically demanding tasks. It is brilliant to have the energy and enjoyment of moving from one activity to the next.


United Kingdom


“The course has completely revolutionised my life...”

The Energy Excellence Course has made me see life in a completely new light…the course has completely revolutionised my life in a way that I could never have imagined.


United Kingdom


“I’m happy and can do what I want now...”

You know when you are feeling better, because you can feel an improvement. I enjoyed the course, it was so helpful, I’m happy and can do what I want now, go to school and see my friends.



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