ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Carolyn

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Carolyn

6 months after the Energy Excellence Course:

Dear Amir

I have such a full and fulfilling life now with little room for moping about over what I cannot do. I am thrilled at what I can now do!

I still find it hard to believe that for years I had to go to bed almost every afternoon and sleep for 1-3 hours. All that is now in the past, and the change came almost immediately I heard your teaching!

All that you said made such sense; in fact it was as if I already knew those truths you taught but didn’t really know how to apply them.

I now work all day; I am beginning to build up my strength and stamina levels, and can now walk for a couple of hours without sitting down and collapsing in a heap. I no longer suffer for days or weeks after any taxing event either; my tiredness is about the same level as “normal” people.

I travel a lot with my work as Christian Counselling Consultant and conference speaker, and have told a number of people about you.

Thank you so much for giving me such good tools to help me manage myself and my physical and mental health.

Yours gratefully,



Update: 1 Year after the Energy Excellence Course

Hi Amir

You may remember that I attended your Energy Excellence Course almost a year ago now in Wales. I was greatly encouraged and inspired by my time there, and subsequently “grew out” of the debilitating ME which had dogged my steps for over 15 years.

I am now completely free from unhealthy fatigue and able to live life to the full. No longer do I have to sleep every afternoon: spending half of my life in bed, and the other half worrying about how I was going to keep my activity within the confined limits of my ability.

I hope you are able to use my story as yet another proof that there really is a way out of fatigue.

The Christian charity that I lead is going from strength to strength, and I am so grateful that I have the stamina to do it justice.

With kind regards,


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