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George's Recovery Story...

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - George

“The turning point in my recovery was definitely the Energy Excellence Course...”


This has been the first week since last year that I have managed to work five days and marks an enormous achievement for my return to health.

I do not under value any of the tiny steps and improvements that I have noticed along the way, but returning to a full working week has always been a milestone that I set and have worked towards.

Although I did the Energy Excellence Course back in March, it has taken me until now to feel that I have got through the hardest part and can now enjoy more of a balance of work and play – building both as my health continues to improve.

You said on the course that we ‘could’ be back to health within 6 weeks. It was incredibly motivating to hear this and have kept focusing on a similar timeframe and rate of recovery. However, I don’t think I could have recovered any quicker than I have. It’s been a very difficult balance of being grateful for every tiny step of improvement and frustration at the sluggish speed and frequent set backs. It is great to be here now!

The turning point in my recovery was definitely the Energy Excellence Course. Although other therapies have helped to encourage progress or alleviate temporary symptoms, the overall recovery has been almost exclusively down to what you taught us. You delivered a great course with sensitivity and patience.

The people that I met on the course have also been invaluable in helping to coach me and provide support. It was great to be able to share the recovery experience with an understanding group. We have a Facebook page which is now filled with motivating stories and heartfelt encouragement for each other.

To be where I am today is absolutely incredible and I really appreciate having my energy/health/fitness/smile back and everything else that goes with it – and from now on, I will treasure it!

Thank you for sharing your expertise and positive approach with us. You have helped me to resume a life that I love and appreciate it all even more than I did before.

Many many thanks


United Kingdom

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ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Anna

“I could scream with joy that I have my life back again...”

I could scream with joy that I have my life back again. I suddenly remember who I am. Doing the course with Amir has given me my life back. How can you ever thank someone enough for that? If you’re reading this and want your life back, please, please, please, do the course. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


School Teacher

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Vicky

“I feel lighter, have tons more energy...”

I feel lighter, have tons more energy, my head feels clear, I wake up feeling as though I’ve slept, am more conscious of the moment, more appreciative of the moment. Thank you a zillion times Amir and Aliya!


Animal Behaviourist

Ann - ME Recovery

“The course has absolutely changed my life...”

I was very sceptical at first…but after 24 hours I noticed a difference. The course has absolutely changed my life, I have my life back and I’m doing all the things I want to do. I’m much more happy now.


United Kingdom

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