ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Helen

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Helen

2 Weeks after the Energy Excellence Course:

Hi Amir

As requested, here as a note to let you know how I am getting on.

As I’m sure you will recall, I was noticing huge differences whilst I was in Wales on the Energy Excellence Course. Since leaving Wales, I have gone from strength to strength!

The weekend after getting back, I drove from my home in Maidenhead all the way to Torquay (with just a quick refreshment stop along the way). Once I got there I was able to enjoy an afternoon with the family and even went to the local pub with my sister in the evening! – It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been able to do anything like that.

Everyone commented that I was looking much more myself and that the old Helen appears to be back (I know you noticed on the course I became more bubbly etc whilst there).

This week, I have cleared out all of my kitchen cupboards and I have even been to two aerobics classes! I decided to take on the aerobics as I was starting to struggle going to sleep and was waking up lots. This was because my body wasn’t tired, it felt very different to ME, so I felt my body was ready for some exercise and it seems I was right!

I have started to look for full-time work again. I’m hoping to be able to return to my career in Fraud Investigation as I now feel I have the energy needed to do this type of work.

I am still using the process, but I must admit I am surprised at how quickly I seem to be returning to my “normal” energy levels. It’s so fantastic!

Times where I need to use the process tend to be when I start worrying that a “pain” is a symptom. Also if I wake feeling a little groggy. However, I have noticed that I stretch on waking, arms up and everything. As I use the Energy Excellence Process in the morning I instantly get a hit of endorphins!

Fingers crossed my next update to you will be equally as positive!



Update March 2009

I’ve kept up the aerobics and have been continuing to build on my fitness. Last week my partner and I were on holiday in Cornwall and on one of the days I completed a ride on my bike (see photo) of around 20 miles – including some awful hill climbs! I also did some walks on the coastal paths and guess what!?! I felt fantastic afterwards!

I love getting back to all the outdoorsy type stuff that I enjoy and am constantly feeling a tremendous sense of achievement!

As all is currently quiet on the job front, I have begun to concentrate my efforts on working as Virgin Vie Consultant. As this is self-employed work and all down to the leads I generate for myself, it’s really hard work, but I’m more than enjoying the challenge!

I can’t believe how quickly my life has turned around and not only am I fully recovered, but my experience has made me appreciate my energy more and take more pleasure from the things I used to take for granted.

Thanks for everything.


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