ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Jade

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Jade

Dear Amir,

I’m doing really well! I’ve started to learn to drive, done lots of cooking, I’ve started swimming – I’m up to 18 lengths. I went to an outlet shopping village, walked around Oxford several times – all without needing a wheel chair. I haven’t been able to do this in 5 years.

I went to the Horse of the Year Show (see picture) – I got up 6:50 in the morning, I walked around 2 big warehouses of shops and watched a 5 hour show. I was able to come home and cook my dinner that night. I got up the next day and was able to do everything – get dressed, go out and be busy.

I went to an all day conference at church and then spent the evening with someone. I didn’t go to bed until 11pm. The next day I was able to get dressed, cook, read, do stuff on the computer and go to church in the evening.

I’ve been to the theatre. I’ve had dinner with people. I’ve got up early in the morning several times and be able to do a full day until 10pm without crashing. It just goes on and on 🙂

I know I won’t burn out, because I am resting as much as a normal person would. One day a week I try to have a quieter day mainly at home so my body can recharge, but everyone should do this really!

I’m not having to rest anymore than a healthy person. I am absolutely loving being well!! I’ve been totally transformed! I’m having to do the Energy Excellence Process a lot less than before – maybe 5 or 6 times on a bad day (not that that can be called a bad day) and 2 or 3 on a good day.

I’m still building up my muscle strength and my stamina. I think this may take a while but it doesn’t matter. That’s normal for a body that hasn’t done anything physical in 5 years. It’s not stopping me from doing the things I want to do.

I’m naturally and easily able to do more every week without thinking about it. I’ve just got to build my muscles up before I get back on a horse so I’m strong enough to hold myself up and stay on!

Thanks again for all your help and support!


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