ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Jules

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Jules

9 months after the Energy Excellence Course:

Hi Amir

It has been 9 months since I came to Wales on the Energy Excellence Course.

Life had come to a complete standstill where I was reduced to sleeping 18 hours a day, unable to do my own housework, never mind going to work or training. I made everything you taught me part of my daily routine.

I want to tell you that 9 Months later, on this day I am getting dressed to appear on the start line of the biggest Rowing Race in the world, able to put myself through the gruelling 4.5 miles course on the river Thames.

My approach to training, racing and life is completely transformed. Thank you for helping me choose a healthy path, one that allows me to be who I can be.

I am so excited that this day has come and I am getting ready to race – I just had to share it with you.

Smiles and Peace,


(Jules forwarded the picture below of her competing again in a world class race on the river Thames)


ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Jules

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