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“For me it has been truly life-changing despite my initial uncertainty...”

2 Weeks after the Energy Excellence Course:

Hi Amir,

Returning home to Ireland I had plenty of opportunity to practice what I learned on the Energy Excellence Course. As you know, I was previously an anxious flyer, but I was able to board my plane without any kind of medication (2 major companies are now without my sponsorship!).

The flight became quite turbulent and through using the technique I was able to be completely calm and relaxed. Other passengers were quite upset as I would have been in the past - I even counselled one frequent flyer who is not normally afraid - this is amazing to me.

The day after I came home, I worked in my garden for half an hour and was able to stop without any perfectionism. I then cycled 7 miles in total to and from the next town (very slowly).

My energy is steadily increasing and I have even joined a belly dancing class and have found myself laughing and singing to myself a lot.

I am going to be able to go back to work within the next few weeks. I feel calm about it due to what I have learned. I know that whatever happens I will never allow my life to become so unbalanced again.

I have found that I am reacting more positively to every kind of situation and not allowing others to steal my energy or to set me off. Friends and family notice a big change in me too.

The whole experience of having post-viral fatigue taught me a lot and allowed me to re-evaluate what is important in my life. Your course consolidated that knowledge and gave me the extra tools I needed to avoid going there again in the future.

I thought I knew everything about post-viral fatigue and the effects of the adrenal glands which meant I was not sure if the course would help me. I did know 70% of what you taught me already except the final essential information which would help me improve my physiology and stop any future setbacks.

So I would say to anyone else who has read all the books on Adrenal Fatigue etc - if you are not getting better, go on the Energy Excellence Course if you possibly can. For me it has been truly life-changing despite my initial uncertainty.

I know I have a very good future ahead of me and I intend to live it fully!

Thank you.



6 weeks after the Energy Excellence Course

I am so happy to tell you about my recovery from Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome following a really nasty couple of virus infections. I truly thought I may not get better for a long time so if anyone out there who has PVFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E., I would encourage them to find out more about this course.

I am lucky as I was perhaps not as ill as some people can become from this genuinely awful condition - but I was really quite ill enough believe me. I am so glad that I got the information about Amir's Energy Excellence Course before it could develop further. I so want others to know about how they can help themselves to recover with a bit of learning, insight and open-mindedness.

Having learned how my body responds in certain situations and how to look after myself properly especially if I have a virus etc has been life-changing. It sounds like common sense but not all of our bodies are made the same and we all need to learn and re-learn how to look after ourselves. Not only that but we need to put it into practice and that takes a bit of hard work at first, but it is well worth it.

My energy levels are great now. I have been able to return to my job which I am delighted about. I am also making sure to enjoy more fun and stimulating activities to outside work to keep my life balanced. I am regularly attending Bellydancing and I cycle almost everywhere, I also practice my yoga 2-3 times a week which I used to enjoy before I was ill. I love working in my garden which I had really missed.

I feel so much happier and calm. I also look so much better - according to others! My specialist did not recognise me recently and is delighted that I have attended the course as the results are self-evident.

I do have to be careful to remember what I learned on the course and to be my authentic self at all times. I find it is coming so naturally that I genuinely do not worry about it.

I live for the moment now and try not to worry about the future or about things that do not matter.

I believe that this course is very beneficial and you will see real results if you apply all that you learn. You can get your energy and your life back again. I did and I am living it to the full.

Many thanks again Amir,.



6 Months after the Energy Excellence Course

Hi Amir

Everything is great - I'm not saying that I have not fallen off the wagon because I had 1 major shaker and 1 minor and its an ongoing process - get it haha.


Enclosed photo of my first bellydancing display (2nd from left)! My first mosaic - I am doing a class for work :) and making a table featuring my achievements - you can maybe see Alice in Wonderland doing the 'process' whilst pouring tea - it helps to be a little bit crazy.


Things are ok in my career, with my new attitude the future is not certain. But hey, we only have today anyways :)

I was excited to take part in my first audition for a prestigious health arts company where I got to mime, sing, dance and act like a clown in front of 20 strangers! Even though I was not chosen this marked a great step for me and already has opened doors to me.

I was out on my bicycle (it's a rain, hail or shine thing for me now) on Friday and I just felt so alive, so vibrant and free and I said I can hardly believe it, cycling 20 odd miles around an area where I sat in my car wondering if I would ever get better ten months ago! I do still need to take care not to overdo it and I am keeping that in check.

I am so grateful that I had this inside of me and you helped me to set those adrenaline dragons free. The dragon is still around but it mostly lies in front of the fire - its bark is worse than its bite these days.

Thanks for recovering from M.E. so you could help others. Energy Excellence is truly self help - you gave us the tools to help ourselves.

I am calm about Christmas and neither excited nor sad which is a nice place to be, but I intend to enjoy it moment by moment and if there is a moment which I don't like, I know there is another one coming right along.

Best wishes for winter and Christmas - I am off to sunny Portugal for a deserved recharge, rebalance and much anticipated laughter and friendship - that is the key to life!




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I am getting physically fitter and I feel my body infused with the pleasurable satisfaction of accomplishing physically demanding tasks. It is brilliant to have the energy and enjoyment of moving from one activity to the next.


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“The course has completely revolutionised my life...”

The Energy Excellence Course has made me see life in a completely new light…the course has completely revolutionised my life in a way that I could never have imagined.


United Kingdom


“I’m happy and can do what I want now...”

You know when you are feeling better, because you can feel an improvement. I enjoyed the course, it was so helpful, I’m happy and can do what I want now, go to school and see my friends.



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