ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Liz

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Liz

9 Months after the Energy Excellence Course:

Hi Amir,

I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch recently but I’ve been very busy!!

I’ve been traveling for 3 months – in fact we did 10,000 miles of traveling and filming, and my partner and I are now making DVD’s about the birds of Spain and Morocco. (The photo is of me at the Alhambra Palace in Granada.)

I did the Energy Excellence Course just 3 months before our trip and by the time we left I was feeling so much stronger. Before the course I needed to rest every day and easily got exhausted and brain fogged. There was quite a bit of stress and hard work during our travels but I kept up doing the process whenever I could feel myself starting to dip.

It was a big test of my new found health and I wouldn’t recommend going straight into something so challenging if you can help it. But I managed it, and returned happy and more confident in my abilities. I’m now busy designing and editing the final products.

I’ve just recommended you to someone – they can see how it’s worked for me.

Thank you.


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