ME Recovery Stories - Luke

Yes, I was another M.E. sufferer, convinced at the time that I knew what to do to get better, the strange thing was, that I was getting better, then worse again. I didn’t have the tools to succeed. I’m 24 years old.

It really is such a pain doing M.E. all the time and for 1 year in my life it was a full time job 24 hours and with no pay, no possibility of a promotion and definitely no perks! I was running all the symptoms, and driving myself crazy trying to address them.

I was deeply unhappy and stressed at my job as a chef, being bossed around. I thought that if I could just get through it and take the heat I’d be OK one day, looking back I was just running the same pattern day in day out, really not in charge of what I wanted.

Then I got sick, the doctors didn’t know what it was, I became worried, thought I’d never get better and then saw my life falling apart (sounds familiar, right!) because I was now bed-bound, confused and couldn’t achieve what I wanted.

Then I went to more doctors, sought more opinions, tried all sorts of alternative therapies, pills and potions. I think one of the main problems for M.E. sufferers is that they think their symptoms are unique, they focus on different aspects of them, then wind up with a very complicated problem, and something they don’t even know where to begin with anymore, so how are they ever going to explain that to a doctor and get better?

With the course, you get to the route of the problem, from there it just gets easier and easier to see a way out of M.E. Doing the course with the caring guidance from Amir Norris, made me see that I had a choice. You take charge, you are in control and from that point you can make your life go in the direction you want. No more symptoms, no more avoiding certain foods, no more brain fog. As the saying goes, it’s easy when you know how!

From the time I completed the course 6 weeks ago, I’ve been focusing on writing a cookbook, I had a unique and compelling proposal and I pitched it to a top publisher yesterday. To my delight they agreed and now I’m going to be a published author, it’s in South East Asia where I’ll be working and they’ll be a lot of traveling which I love. I never thought I’d achieve this in my wildest dreams. I’m going to give it my all, and instead of thinking about what a stress it’ll be, traveling, organising, what if? something goes wrong, or I’m not up to the challenge. I’m approaching it with sheer delight, that finally I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Someone asked me the other day, what I did for a living. Six weeks ago I would have answered, “I’ve got M.E., I don’t get out much”, what I said to them was, “Well I work for someone who’s going to be a very famous chef, and the authority on Asian food”, they replied “Oh yeah, who?” to which I proudly beamed, “Me!”.

If you’ve got M.E./CFS/PVFS/Fibromyalgia and you think you deserve to get better, contact Amir, and stop going round in circles, life’s too short.


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