ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Sarah

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Sarah

1 Year after the Energy Excellence Course:

It is now a year since I did the Energy Excellence Course and I wanted to share my recovery story to encourage and offer hope to others.

The life that I was living before the course seems a dim and distant past now.

Amir made complete and utter sense of M.E. in a way that explained and validated, yet didn’t dwell on, how I had been feeling for so long. He offered a way forward from the physical pain, frustration, hopelessness and fear of being stuck.

The course was so positive, uplifting, offered hope, and gave me confidence that I had a bright and exciting future ahead of me.

My recovery hasn’t always been easy and it has been a journey of discovery and restoration. There have been times where I have sensed symptoms creeping back and have had moments of doubt and frustration, but the course taught me so many amazing tools to help break the cycle of physical and mental symptoms that had previously debilitated me.

It’s worth the perseverance! In May this year, I went to Australia for 6 weeks which was truly miraculous! I climbed mountains, walked for miles along beaches, cycled, kayaked, watched ballet at the Sydney Opera House and camped. This was a completely different me, restored from the one who could barely walk last summer!

If you are thinking of doing the Energy Excellence Course, I can’t encourage you more to just take the step. I have my life back again and feel freer, more balanced, focused, energised and calmer than ever before!


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