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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Vicky's Recovery Story...

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Vicky

“I feel lighter, have tons more energy...”

6 Weeks after the Energy Excellence Course:

I do feel grateful that I had M.E. – it led me to give up my frenetic life and move to this more connected way of being where I’m working with animals (my lifelong dream) – helping them live more fulfilled and happy lives.

I’m also grateful to M.E. as it led me to eventually stumble across the Energy Excellence Course. The tools I’ve learnt from Amir and Aliya have helped instill a deep calmness in me. I still can’t believe I have virtually no pain… I keep checking!!

When I sat there the first morning with Amir speaking I felt that this was the best place I could be. After all the negativity which most/all M.E. people face, to be in space where we are all totally understood and about to move forward – I found deeply moving and wanted to cry from happiness.

Since the course I have upped my mini trampolining from 1 minute to 17 minutes… it’s so happened that I’ve been asked to walk 2 lovely dogs every day for the last 10 days (previously just once a week) – and it’s been great.

I had stopped singing with a choir 3 years ago, but now was inspired to find another choir, then at that exact time received a letter inviting me to join my previous choir from next week for the Brahms Requiem in November!

Last year I’d wanted to participate in the walk on Wimbledon Common for Animals Asia who rescue the bears from the hideous bile farms in China. Today I registered to take part next Sunday the 11th Sept in the Animals Asia Walk to Freedom (if you’d like to sponsor me… feel free:))

I feel lighter, have tons more energy, my head feels clear, I wake up feeling as though I’ve slept, am more conscious of the moment, more appreciative of the moment.

Thank you a zillion times Amir and Aliya!


Animal Behaviourist

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ME/CFS Recovery Stories - George

“The turning point in my recovery...”

The turning point in my recovery was definitely the Energy Excellence Course. Although other therapies have helped to encourage progress or alleviate temporary symptoms, the overall recovery has been almost exclusively down to what you taught.


United Kingdom

ME/CFS Recovery Stories - Anna

“I could scream with joy that I have my life back again...”

I could scream with joy that I have my life back again. I suddenly remember who I am. Doing the course with Amir has given me my life back. How can you ever thank someone enough for that? If you’re reading this and want your life back, please, please, please, do the course. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


School Teacher

Ann - ME Recovery

“The course has absolutely changed my life...”

The course has absolutely changed my life...”
I was very sceptical at first…but after 24 hours I noticed a difference. The course has absolutely changed my life, I have my life back and I’m doing all the things I want to do. I’m much more happy now.


United Kingdom

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