Recovery Stories


“I can’t express how grateful I am to have found your Energy Excellence Course, it has quite literally saved my life and I cannot thank you enough”


“The turning point in my recovery was definitely the Energy Excellence Course. You organised and delivered a great course with sensitivity and patience.”


“Six weeks ago I wouldn’t have dreamed that any of this could be possible. Using the tools I learned on the Energy Excellence Course has got me so far in such a short space of time. I am eternally grateful!”


“The course is one of the best things I have ever done in my life… it explained why I had been feeling so rubbish and ill … an explanation I had been unable to find, and being medically trained I needed those answers! My life has changed so dramatically from just trying to get through everyday … and worrying about everything to now being full of life, and to do all those wonderful fun things I could only dream about doing a year ago, it’s a great feeling to have!”


“It has been 9 months since I came to the Energy Excellence Course . . . I want to tell you that on this day I am getting dressed to appear on the start line of the biggest Rowing Race in the world, able to put myself through the gruelling 4.5 miles course on the river Thames.”


“The Energy Excellence Course has made me see life in a completely new light…the course has completely revolutionised my life in a way that I could never have imagined…”


“I just wanted to email as I am aware that it is a year this week since I finished the Energy Excellence Course, which has literally changed my life!”


“I joined the course with my sceptical levels at maximum, I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to complete it. I am so glad I did the course, it has given me back my life and more. I am now 100% back to the normal, healthy, happy and active me.”


“I was very sceptical at first…but after 24 hours I noticed a difference. The course has absolutely changed my life, I have my life back and I’m doing all the things I want to do. I’m much more happy now.”


“It’s so exciting being well again after being so ill. Many people have commented on how well I look now, and really, I think I am better in myself than I have been for a long time, perhaps ever.”


“I am sleeping so much better and when I awaken I am ready to go. I feel refreshed and energised. People around me are noticing a huge difference in me.”


“I was very sceptical about the course. But I noticed by the end of the first day my head had cleared, I could think clearly again, it felt like somebody had turned the light on. What Amir offers is not a miracle, it’s a solution, but you have to put the effort in. Within 6 weeks I was hundred percent better. “


“I can’t explain how I feel about the help Amir gave me, all I can say is he has changed my life for the better – I can live my life to the full now with no limits! It really has changed my life in so many ways.”


“It’s now been 8 weeks since I finished the course with you and Aliya and it has been life changing for me. I am now able to get up at 8.30 every morning and start my day with breakfast and not lunch!”


“You know when you are feeling better, because you can feel an improvement. I enjoyed the course, it was so helpful, I’m happy and can do what I want now, go to school and see my friends.”


“I would recommend to anyone suffering with this debilitating condition to go for it and let the knowledge and training transform your life too.”


“If you are thinking of doing the Energy Excellence Course, I can’t encourage you more to just take the step. I have my life back again and feel freer, more balanced, focused, energised and calmer than ever before!”


“The first month or two were really rapid increase in what I could do and that gave me loads of confidence. I had some ups and downs, but now I can say I’m back to full health”


“I feel lighter, have tons more energy, my head feels clear, I wake up feeling as though I’ve slept, am more conscious of the moment, more appreciative of the moment. Thank you a zillion times Amir and Aliya!”


“Doing the Energy Excellence Course with Amir has given me my life back. How can you ever thank someone enough for that? If you’re reading this and want your life back, please, please, please, do the course. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”


“I’m very happy to be able to share my recovery story (so far!). It’s just amazing to think that after 12 years of being completely housebound with ME and not imagining I’d ever be very much better, I am now living a very different life, and going out 2 or 3 times every day!”



“Hi Amir, it was this time just 2 yrs ago that I was nervously anticipating the course. I didn’t think then I’d ever be heading off to Bosnia to help other people recover from their traumas. For the first time, I feel that my physical, emotional and spiritual self are congruent and I am truly living the life I love. The combination of tools you taught have turned my life around and I shall ever be thankful to you for your help in setting me on this amazing journey.”



“Just wanted to say hi! Four years on I’m still fighting fit thanks to your help. I’m working full time in an Inclusion department helping teenagers overcome barriers to learning and Loz and I got married last year, so good news all round.”


“One of my major goals was to be able to endure, survive and enjoy working at a festival, which I haven’t been able to do for a few years. However, I have literally just returned from an extremely hot and dusty eight days at Glastonbury Festival and can quite categorically say…I DID IT!!! I endured, survived and totally enjoyed the experience, am back at work and don’t feel at all as before, when one day would have left me useless for weeks.”


“I attended your Energy Excellence Course almost a year ago now… and subsequently “grew out” of the debilitating ME which had dogged my steps for over 15 years. I am now completely free from unhealthy fatigue and able to live life to the full.”


“Thank you for such a fantastic course and for just making sense of the illness and giving us a positive way forward…”


“At first I thought, no way, CFS is incurable. Then after reading what had been written by your clients, I eventually came round to the fact that I had to try…”


“I never imagined I would ever be free of pain or illness, I never imagined I would be happy. But I am now all of those things… 
Thank you a thousand times.”


“I’ve been traveling for 3 months – in fact we did 10,000 miles of traveling and filming, and my partner and I are now making DVD’s about the birds of Spain and Morocco…Before the Energy Excellence Course I needed to rest every day and easily got exhausted and brain fogged…I’ve just recommended you to someone – they can see how it’s worked for me. Thank you.”

Matthew (Aged 14)

“Having completed the Energy Excellence Course, I returned to school on the Monday morning after the course and have attended full time since that date”


“I would say to anyone else who has read all the books on Adrenal Fatigue etc – if you are not getting better, do the Energy Excellence Course if you possibly can. For me it has been truly life-changing despite my initial uncertainty. I know I have a very good future ahead of me and I intend to live it fully! Thank you.”


“I can’t believe how quickly my life has turned around and not only am I fully recovered, but my experience has made me appreciate my energy more and take more pleasure from the things I used to take for granted. Thanks for everything.”


“I have been so happy with the results, that I have been trying to raise the awareness of the course. I recently got a small article into of our local newspapers about the course. Once again, thank you for giving me the tools to regain my life.”


“The Energy Excellence Course really changed my life and gave me the tools to tame my brain at a time when it was totally out of control and ruining my life…For those reading this who are in a dark place right now, put your faith in Amir and in yourself and you will find the light sooner than you think.”


“The changes in myself are so remarkable! Colours are so much more vibrant, food tastes much nicer, my energy is increasing by the day, I’m happier, singing and dancing, more calm and relaxed, enjoy life more, laughing, more focused and enthusiastic, clearer thinking, more positive, sleep better, eating anything I want…Many thanks for all your help and advice, I feel so alive!!”


“I hadn’t expected to actually enjoy the course…the course itself was interesting and revelatory and so much of it made sense… Anyway, I heartily recommend this course to others and I now firmly believe that it can change your life too.”


“I’m doing really well! I’ve started to learn to drive, done lots of cooking, I’ve started swimming – I’m up to 18 lengths. I went to an outlet shopping village, walked around Oxford several times – all without needing a wheel chair. I haven’t been able to do this in 5 years.”


“I will continue to steer others in your direction! lots of my friends and pen pals have been to you since I have been and have recovered 100%!!! yay! I hope there will be many more people who can say ‘GOODBYE M.E’ and ‘HELLO’ a great new life!!”


“I have to own up now that I was a bit of a skeptic. I even thought that these testimonials were faked. (sorry Amir) I was so wrong! …For all those people suffering in silence, I would say get in touch with Amir. I can’t put into words how what he taught me has changed my life…”



“I just thought you would like to know that I am very well. I ran in the 100m and 200m and came 1st in both. This means I am now Somerset County Champion! The picture I have sent is my 100m race. I am the one in line 6.”


“If you’ve got M.E./CFS/PVFS/ Fibromyalgia and you think you deserve to get better, go and see Amir, and stop going round in circles, life’s too short…No more symptoms, no more avoiding certain foods, no more brain fog. As the saying goes, it’s easy when you know how!”


“I feel better physically and mentally than I have for about 12 years, which is a huge relief. I no longer wonder if I will be well enough to undertake anything – I just assume that I will be, which means that I can fill my days and plan ahead, and which is of course very liberating…”

Sølvi (Norway)

“…The next day I felt even better and we went for a walk up to the beach cliffs and that was the first of many nice trips I´ve done over the last couple of months. I have started training again – swimming, cycling, walking in the mountains, Pilate’s and working out in the gym! “


“I am actually the fittest, healthiest and strongest that I have ever been in my life and there is no trace of M.E. or fatigue in my life… today I completed my first ever 10K race in 1 hour 3 minutes. I feel tearful even writing this.


“I am an even more positive person now and soo determined to achieve all my goals in life, including playing squash for England. I look to enjoy every day as I had one and a half years wash by me, without noticing what was around me. So, if you are considering seeing Amir, then please go for it. You can change your life, get it back on track and start to enjoy the things you once loved. Good luck.”


“I hope you all feel as well as possible at the moment and that my story inspires those of you that can/want to learn to overcome M.E. with Amir (especially those who are severely affected and didn’t think you could manage the journey! I managed 4 hours+ in the back of a car lying down on a mattress, paralysed from the waist downwards!! I was about 5% at the time)”


“Feeling healthy and well are my top priorities. In fact one colleague said I have a very calming influence in the classroom!! Nobody would have said that a year ago!!I feel it isn’t just my health that is better but my whole outlook on life is healthier too…”


“Message: !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! Hi Amir It’s been a year and I want to say a big, huge THANK YOU to you. Thanks to you and the course I’ve had a fabulous year and I look forward to and feel grateful for every single day – I still feel like a miracle happens every day – it’s great! Every good wish to you for a wonderful year! Love Esme”


“I am now able to exercise for however long I want, I can talk for hours non stop (my family can’t get a word in sometimes!) and I feel like my old self, but better in some ways… What I have learned from Amir has changed my life forever. It hasn’t just helped me to get well, it has also helped with other aspects of my life…”


“I feel alive and alert when I wake up on a morning and can’t wait to get out of bed. I take great pleasure in being up and ready before my boys get up. I can’t wait to get going. The boys are delighted I’m better, most of the time, they don’t like the fact I am well enough to be strict on tidying up, doing homework etc, but they’ll get used to it!”


“I write this to inspire anyone concerned they ‘aren’t ill enough’ or anyone wondering how they can better deal with life’s experiences. My dis-ease was not just about Chronic Fatigue or ME; the physical illness is your body’s signpost; and (if you let it), the journey of recovery, the catalyst which can show you a shiny new door of opportunity and a whole new way of being…”


“I’m able to rush about and get things done without worrying about getting ill. In fact, I would say I’m the healthiest person I know at the moment! Mentally, I’m also very well. I no longer get stressed about things or fear things for no reason. I feel like I can handle anything.”



“I am very well and leading a normal life. I have just finished a basic reflexology course, taken part in a large choral concert and am progressing well in my Spanish classes. Having more energy seems to be helping my brain work better! My walking is going well and I am looking forward to some hill walking when the weather improves. Thank you Amir for giving me back my health and enabling me to live a life I love which I know can only get better and better.”


“I first read an article in the Daily Mail earlier this year about someone Amir had treated and was so encouraged to hear about a possible cure for this debilitating condition.Personally, I am so glad I was able to experience the course – it has given me my life back.”


“Six months ago I heard about the work Amir does through a friend whose daughter had been to see him with great success…I not only got well but also learned things that will be valuable throughout my life.”




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