ME Recovery Stories - Lucy

ME Recovery Stories - Lucy

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks, because the illness seems so long ago now. I’m doing really well. Since coming to see you I’ve experienced the busiest period in my life, what with renovating the new flat over the Christmas period and returning to work at the same time, but I haven’t suffered for it. I’m able to rush about and get things done without worrying about getting ill. In fact, I would say I’m the healthiest person I know at the moment! Mentally, I’m also very well. I no longer get stressed about things or fear things for no reason. I feel like I can handle anything.

I remember that I asked why you think some people under stress get ME whilst others don’t, and you said you believe that people who get ME have sensitive nervous systems. Well, that got me thinking because I’ve always felt I’m much more sensitive than average and I suspected my low self-esteem might be related to that. 

I did a bit of internet research and found a book by Dr Elaine N Aron called ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ which has had an amazing effect. It has enabled me to reframe a lot of things in the past that still affected me and to accept that being a sensitive person has a lot going for it. I read it whilst bearing in mind what you teach so that it would compliment what I learned from you and not undo any of the good work I’ve done.

It was interesting that some of what she writes about echoes what you taught us during the course – she touches on stress, how the brain functions, cortisol and serotonin (although not as thoroughly as you explained it), but it certainly seems to back up your theory of ME sufferers being more sensitive. 

I now feel that having done the course and read this book I have learned everything I need to know about my nature in order to keep myself healthy and happy. In fact ‘Health and Happiness’ has replaced ‘What if?’ as my mantra and I have you to thank for that!


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