Mini exercise trampoline rebounding helps to restore lymphatic flow when you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A mini exercise trampoline will also provide you with gentle aerobic exercise that is not weather dependant.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is characterised by lethargy that makes it difficult for us to find energy to exercise. Unfortunately, this lack of exercise has a negative effect on the lymphatic system and recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Exercise and the Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system, a major part of the body’s immune system, is a network of lymph nodes, ducts, and vessels that transport lymphatic fluid from the tissues to the bloodstream.

Lymph nodes act as filters and remove bacteria and toxins. Their role is vital in maintaining health and the lymph system must be kept flowing in order to function correctly, especially for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

People with chronic fatigue syndrome often have depressed immune systems, and a healthy lymphatic system will reduce the symptoms.

Unlike the circulatory system which uses the heart as a pump, the lymph system relies on body movement, that is, exercise to circulate lymph around the body.

When you don’t exercise sufficiently, the lymph system becomes stagnant and blocked. For those with chronic fatigue syndrome, it means your body is unable to efficiently dispose of toxins and bacteria and begin to heal.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers Can Rebound with Exercise
When you are feeling dragged down by chronic fatigue syndrome, exercise is the furthest thing from your mind. However, to reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome you need to exercise to get your lymph system moving and rid your body of harmful toxins and waste.

Lymph fluid is activated in three ways: muscular contraction from exercise, gravitational pressure, and internal massage to the valves of the lymph ducts.

You don’t have to run marathons in order to get the exercise you need. In fact, a mini exercise trampoline called a rebounder is the perfect exercise tool for you.

For chronic fatigue sufferers, mini exercise trampoline rebounding is the most efficient and effective form of exercise to get your lymph system flowing.

Mini Exercise Trampoline Advantages:

More Efficient Exercise: For those with chronic fatigue syndrome, mini exercise trampoline rebounding is a very efficient form of exercise.

With most forms of exercise, you have to spend as much energy decelerating as you do accelerating. But when you exercise with a rebounder, at the bottom of a bounce the force is recycled upwards without you having to expend extra energy. For those with chronic fatigue syndrome, this energy saving is a godsend.

When you bounce downwards, the mat absorbs the impact. Even though the impact is cushioned, it still strengthens the entire body more thoroughly than any other form of exercise. If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, a strong body is your goal.

Gentle on the Joints: Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers usually have joint problems and pain. With this form of exercise the mat absorbs up to 87% of the shock. Thus exercise using a rebounder causes very little wear and tear on the body – perfect for those with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Improved Lymphatic Flow: When you exercise with a rebounder every cell in your body goes up with you and comes down with you. Exercise like this increases circulation in the lymph system.

The effects of this type of exercise on the lymph system are many: better detoxification, greater relaxation, and increased strength.

It’s Fun!: When it comes down to it, a little fun is good for the soul. This is one form of exercise that is great fun. In fact, it’s so enjoyable it doesn’t feel like work.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is not much fun, so why not try something that will do your body some good and leave you with a smile on your face? Ten minutes of exercise on a rebounder will really get your lymph moving and reduce your chronic fatigue symptoms.

How to Exercise with a Rebounder
Listen to your body when it comes to whether to exercise or not. If concerned, it’s better to exercise under the supervision of a professional.

Don’t try to do all the steps below the first time you use the mini exercise trampoline. Begin with step 1 for a couple of minutes and see how you feel. Over a few weeks you can build in the other steps as you gain strength and stamina.

  1. With your arms and shoulders relaxed, gradually start bouncing up and down on the trampoline. Breathe deeply and exhale completely with each bounce.
  2. Now put your arms out parallel with your shoulders. As you bounce, move your arms in a circular motion. Begin the exercise with small tight circles and expand them to bigger ones until you’re moving your arms as if you are holding a skipping rope.
  3. Slow down to a steady jog. Raise your knees so that your feet are four inches off the mini exercise trampoline. This can be strenuous, so go easy. In the beginning, for this exercise, simply walk on the trampoline and lift your knees a little.
  4. Go back to a steady bounce. Shuffle your feet back and forth in mid-air, first one foot, then the other.
  5. Now twist your body from the waist down as you bounce, first to one side, then the other. For this exercise, it helps to steady yourself by holding your arms out.
  6. Finally, a very energetic exercise on the mini exercise trampoline. While bouncing, kick one foot out in front of you, lifting it as high as you can. Do the other side alternately.

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